Hindsight is 2020

Hindsight is 2020

Wow, how quickly the calendar turns from one year to another.  We say good bye and good riddance to 2020, and to all of its challenges.  And we greet 2021 with all its promise of better days ahead – a COVID vaccine, a new administration in Washington, maybe some much needed rain, all signs of better days ahead.  The business owner in me likes the letting go of the old year, and embracing the goals of the new.  But with so much uncertainty, it’s harder than ever to plan.

Here’s a few things I learned in talking to clients and colleagues this year that I thought you might find useful.

We all need a support system.  Whether it’s family or neighbors or church or work or some other community coming together, sharing resources, sharing stories; it lightens the load.  The ebbs and flows of abundance and need, of giving and receiving, these actions deepen relationships and give us opportunities to express kindness and compassion.

Human connection is important.  We humans are social creatures.  We can Zoom Thanksgiving and phoning an old friend on a Tuesday afternoon.  Technology is always changing how we do things, but the basics remain the same.  Stay in touch with the people you care about.  It makes life richer.

Soft skills – adaptability, creativity, growth mindset, listening and so many more.  Soft skills are the new career currency.  Work is changing rapidly.  Companies are on the move and so are employees.   It’s no longer enough to be a technical expert.  We have to be able to solve problems and communicate solutions.

If we want a unique and interesting city now and in the future, we need to support the people that make it so.  The artists, the shop keepers, the non-profits, the volunteers and everyone who contributes to making our city a great place to live.   I encourage everyone to “shop local” and “support local” as much as they can.  Our future quality of life depends on it.

Insurance makes a difference.  It’s important.  For those facing life threatening disease, health insurance means the access to care. For families who’ve lost a loved one, Life Insurance passes much needed money to the next generation, preserving a family’s well-being.  For those who lost their house in a wildfire, insurance helps families make a home again.  And for floods and earthquake and car accidents and burglaries and all the things we can never imagine, insurance pays for the repairs so we can dust ourselves off and begin again.

It’s been a memorable year.  One that we will be talking about for the rest of our lives.  And it’s been a really tough year for so many in our community.  And it’s been an amazing year of creative expression, of resistance and resilience.  And I miss you, and I hope to see you soon.

Ruth Stroup Insurance Agency is proud to support many local non-profits in 2020 including Rebuilding Together, Oakland Leaf, Meals on Wheel, and Women’s Cancer Resource Center.   We can do this because our clients chose a local insurance agency over an 800 number.  Thank you!

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